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The Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 16 – Halloween Recap

The gang returns to the dungeon for a jampacked episode recapping Halloween, LordTree's call to Francesa and DG's love for the Chainsmokers.



Episode 16 is (finally) here. Sorry for the delay. I’ve had a bum throat for the past week or so it was in the best interest of the team that I didn’t get anyone else sick. I wanted to pull a Jordan flu game, but I’m a team player so I listened to my compadres. That being said, we had A LOT to talk about, which is good for you because we had some great content. We always do our picks at the end and briefly touched on #Knickstape. LTS went on Francesa so we have a clip from the show.

The majority of the podcast was dedicated to recapping the past couple of weeks. It was the three of us shooting the shit about what we did and we came away with some good stories. Our Halloween recap got heated, which we posted on Facebook live so watch the video, and we all talked about our costumes (or lack of…looking at Producer Jim). If you couldn’t tell from the main photo, LTS and myself dressed pretty ridiculous, but we have some good stories from the bar.

Like we teased, the DMR podcast has a big surprise in the works so if it happens, you’ll find out next week. Cross the fingers people! Enjoy.

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