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4 Years Ago Today: Kendrick Lamar Dropped ‘Good Kid, M.A.A.D City’

The platinum album completely shifted music culture, while launching K.Dot into a stratosphere with the all-time great emcees.


On this day four years ago (Oct 22), Kendrick Lamar changed the hip-hop culture forever, dropping the critically acclaimed Section 80 followup, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. The platinum album launched K.Dot into a stratosphere with the all-time greats, and put the next generation of emcees on his back.

I remember being in my sophomore year of college when a couple of my friends and I would go back and forth over who would sell more units, Kendrick or Meek Mill who had his debut LP ‘Dreams And Nightmares’ dropping around the same time. Boy was I wrong, K. Dot moved over 242,000 units in the first week, while the Philly rapper salvaged a solid 216,000, making me lose the bet.

GKMC will forever be one of those classic albums you can always throw on for a spin, and it will give you that nostalgic feeling of when you first heard it. Front to back this is timeless storytelling music, a lost art in hip-hop today. No skippable songs, as each served a purpose in Kendrick’s vision. Brilliant transitions from judicious intros to astute outros, they all somehow were intertwined. THIS IS ART BRO!

Now look at the kid, a 29-year-old legend, where has the time gone? The Compton native recently graced the cover of ‘GQ Style’ Magazine, which featured a legendary conversation with Def Jam creator, Rick Rubin. The duo even hit the studio after they were done picking each other’s brains. Definitely worth your time to check out below.

This project consists of banger after banger of eccentric sound. Whether it’s the Drizzy assisted ‘Poetic Justice’ Or the ‘Swimming Pools’ that ran the radio airwaves, there was something pleasing for just about everyone. Personally my two favorite tracks I still have in rotations are, ‘Backstreet Freestyle’ and ‘Money Trees’.

The TDE artist even made his way to SUNY FUCKING CORTLAND in 2013 for our springfest, that is just unreal when I look back on it. One of the dopest emcees to ever put pen to paper was at my small school, in the middle of nowhere.


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