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Todd Bowles Days As Jets Head Coach Are Numbered

Another week gone by another Jets rant, this time I propose a familiar face as a solution at head coach.


After watching another pitiful Jets performance, I am absolutely sick to my stomach about this toxic franchise. I wrote a rant about the “Same Old Jets” a few weeks back and here we are as its only gotten worse. After crash landing in the desert Monday night and falling to 1-5 in a game that set football back 50 years. I know, I may be jumping the gun about canning yet another head coach, **Anotha One** but the more I watch, the more I’m convinced Todd Bowles is NOT THE ANSWER.

Herman Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan. Todd Bowles is on track to add his name to the laundry list of unsuccessful coaches who made the playoffs in their first year. Here are the reasons I believe why.

The Offense: We know Bowles is not an offensive guy, but head coaches need to hold the offense accountable and be apart of all three phases of the game. Jets beat writer of the New York Post, Brian Costello recently said that Bowles is “less hands-on” with the offense than Rex Ryan was. That is alarming. He clearly doesn’t know much about offense when he handpicked Chan “shot-gun 4-wide fuck the tight-end” Gailey as his offensive coordinator. The Jets rank DEAD LAST IN POINTS PER GAME.


The Defense: That vaunted Todd Bowles hand-crafted scheme that he developed and brought with him from Arizona. Last year, we played well. This year, it feels like a totally different unit. Breakdown after breakdown in the secondary. We have been putrid giving up the most plays of 20+ yards in the league and over 290 passing yards a game. Revis has taken a step back and Buster Skrine has been a penalty machine. That highly touted d-line has been awfully quiet since a 7 sack outburst in week 1, with only 5 in the last 5 games. Why the fuck is Sheldon Richardson, a 300 pound man , playing linebacker and covering RBs? The world will never know.


Coming Out Flat/Adjustments: How many times do the Jets begin games like they just found out they were playing their opponent 10 minutes before the game? Way too fucking much. in just 21 games led by Bowles I can come up with 6 off the top of my head. 2015: Houston, Buffalo twice, Oakland, Philly. 2016: Chiefs and Cards.


This team can’t make a 2nd half adjustment to save their life. I feel like every team in the league adjusts except us. In the last 4 games, opponents are outscoring us 54-7 in the 2nd half. Jesus christ, and the one time we did luckily score, it was a fumble vs Seattle where everyone stopped playing thinking it was an incomplete pass.


Uninspiring: Nothing gets me going like that classic Todd Bowles smirk on his face while everything is just crumbling around him. Seriously, how could anyone love to play for this guy, and it shows on the field as it looks like some have quit or become disinterested throughout the game. Polar opposite of Rex Ryan here.


The Solution: Now that I’ve officially torn this team a new one. I bring a solution to the table, unlike most complaining fans. To steer this franchise in the right direction I believe we need a trustworthy face of the organization. Someone who has had prior success and brings stability here. Someone who could also handle the bright lights of New York. The name that comes to mind is TOM COUGHLIN. The guy is dying to coach again and I think this marriage could work. It’s eerily similar to when Bill Parcells became the Jets coach in 1997 after winning 2 Super Bowls with the Giants in his 4th and 8th season with the team. News flash, Grandpa Tom did the same exact thing as both led the G-men to 5 playoff appearances.


I know it’s a little early to be writing off Bowles because he’s probably earned the right to be back next season, but if Woody believe he’s not the answer, what are we waiting for? Did I mention it’s #GenoPicks time? Oh brother, it’s going to get ugly.


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