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How Did Three Straight Contestants Spin $1 On The Price Is Right?

I'm in awe...or am I?


CBS – Viewers around the country exploded into cheers after three lucky contestants spun a dollar during the Showcase Showdown on Monday on The Price Is Right.One after the other, the players stepped up to the famous Big Wheel for a chance at the $1,000 prize—and one after the other, they won. Not even host Drew Carey could recall another time three people have consecutively landed on the coveted $1 in the history of The Price Is Right! 

How? How? How? How? How? How?

The Price is Right is an American past time. If you are home at 11 AM, I bet your TV is on CBS. The Price Is Right will always bring me back to when I was in elementary school and had to stay home from school. Watching The Price Is Right made my illness go away for one hour. In fact, if you take a sick day now, I bet you’ll throw on The Price Is Right.

The same three thoughts run through my head whenever I watch The Price Is Right.

1.Can this please be the show where they play Plinko?

2. Who is going to be the asshole that bets $1 more than their competition? The biggest DB move in the history of game shows.

3. Will there be a Double Showcase Winner?

Back to the three straight $1 winners on the Big Wheel. How? Ok, one made me feel good for the lady. Two made me say this is the luckiest thing ever. Three made me question if the Price Is Right is rigged. There’s NO way that could happen. What’s also underrated is the fact that each person landed on different numbers to make $1. That’s a smart move on CBS part. If they all landed on $1 on their first spin, then more people would think that the show is rigged. Sorry CBS, but I’m on to you! I will forgive CBS if they invite me on the show and let me play Plinko. That’s a fair trade.

By far, my favorite Price Is Right moment is when Aaron Paul got on the show. Jesse Pinkman in the flesh just professing his love for Bob Barker. I’m in a belly laugh watching this video. TWELVE HUNDRED BUCKS!


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