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Gears Of War 4 Release Day Is Upon Us

It's about that time I go missing for about a month.


The day is finally here, Gears Of War 4 hit stores today with the fourth edition of the historic third person shooter series. So it’s safe to say you wont be seeing much of me in the coming weeks (months). After satisfying my thirst for the original Gears of War days with the remastered version last year, I’m ready for some new shit since the cliffhanger Gears 3 left us with.

The campaign looks epic, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store with the next chapter in Gears. I need to hear Marcus’ voice and the signature Cole Train ‘WOOOOOOH,’ but there looks to be an overhaul of the supporting cast. I hear you play as JD Fenix (Marcus’ son) as the main character. Look for riveting “flashbacks” in the prologue.


The online multiplayer is all I’ve played so far, and its been solid except for a few bugs which the servers have been attempting to patch the first few days (classic). Such as, lagging right off the bat of every round. I’m still trying to figure out the new weapons and maps myself so bear with me here, but the gameplay is smooth sailing thus far.

Overall, I’m just pumped to play this fucking game deep into the night so hit me up if you’re on XBOX One (IN Y J E T S).

So lets keep it short and sweet. The future is bright my fellow cogs, this game is worth the $60 bucks. It’s on.

Happy Gears Of War Day Everyone!

(I’m calling out of work tomorrow)

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