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Bruno Mars Released A New Jam And My Computer Is On Fire


Current state of my computer


Bruno Mars puts out a single. It’s a fire jam. Rinse. Repeat. Was there ever any doubt?

24K Magic is the upcoming third album for Bruno Mars and today, he decided to bless our ears with the lead single named after the album. When I first listened to it, I was scared to hear the auto tune. I didn’t even know it was Bruno until the auto tune ended. I honestly said to myself, “Is this a new Kanye song?” That being said, once the song started, I was hooked from the start. I’ll be honest, if I had to point out a weakness, I’m not too crazy about the first two verses. That being said, the chorus and hook are great and the beat is absolutely fire. It reminds me of late 70s / early 80s hip-hop. Right off the bat, I thought of The Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

Tell me 24K Magic is not the lovechild of Rapper’s Delight and The Message.


I love the direction Bruno Mars has gone in over the past couple of years. It’s a lot of funky / disco sounds with some reggae and soul mixed in. The perfect cocktail for a hit record. Like him or not, the dude is talented. I know people use the “he / she plays a lot of instruments” a lot to show that someone is talented. Obviously that helps and Bruno can play a variety of instruments, but you have to keep raising the bar with every album and so far, Bruno has consistently done that. Plus, Bruno has the Hooligans and everyone else does not. Bruno 1, Everyone Else 0.


The only downside of Bruno releasing a new jam is that the radio is going to POUNCE on this song. The radio loves Bruno. The radio needs Bruno like humans need air. They’ve been dying to hear new songs from him. For example, Uptown Funk was a banger when it first came out. It started to get some airtime and it was perfect. Then, the radio would not stop playing it to a point where I had to turn it off when it came on. Uptown Funk is STILL on the radio. Everyone still knows the words. It’s the perfect song for weddings, Sweet 16s, and family parties. My parents could not pick out Bruno Mars in a picture, but they definitely know the words to Uptown Funk.

So let’s enjoy 24K Magic while we can. I’ve listened to it 10 times today and all I can say is…

We Are The Millers


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