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The Chainsmokers Are The Best Thing In Music Today

*Insert Fire Emoji*

Credit: GlobalDanceElectronic
Credit: GlobalDanceElectronic

Name the hottest group in music right now.┬áThe answer is The Chainsmokers and it’s a no brainer.

I’m writing this on the heels of their newest song, All We Know ft. Phoebe Ryan. If you thought they would slowly die down, think again because they continue to bring that fireeeeeeeeeee.

*Live look at me*

Credit: Hellawell
Credit: Hellawell

This duo is unstoppable. I’m all for this progressive, electropop type of music and The Chainsmokers have found their rhythm. They continue to produce jam, after jam, after jam, after jam. Closer was the song of the summer. Don’t Let me Down is a funky hit. Roses got them back into mainstream after #Selfie (it’s hard to believe that The Chainsmokers put out that song). I didn’t even mention my favorite song by them, Until You Were Gone.

Besides their dope jams, its their personalities that stand out. They’re not d-bags or try hards. They seem like two down-to-earth guys who want to live it up and play some dope jams. They like to drink and party, but they are still always creating new music and looking to build on their current success. Nothing wrong with that in my book. I have gone into depression watching their Youtube and Instagram videos because it just reminds me of how awesome their life is while I’m typing on my computer, rubbing Icy Hot on my neck because I slept on it wrong.





Playing flip cup with your friends before going on stage in front of thousands of people? That’s the dream right there. You’re probably thinking I have a small dude crush on The Chainsmokers. Well, I do and after watching those videos, I’m sure you have one too. I’ve always said I would be a good hype man in a DJ group. Just grab the mic and get the crowd pumped. Drew and Alex, if you ever need a good hype man to be the 3rd Chainsmoker, I’m your guy.

1,000 times later and it still rules.

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