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I Want Tim Tebow To Make The MLB And So Should You

Tebowmania is back.


Credit: WP
Credit: WP


So if you haven’t seen it by now, Tim Tebow hit a home run in his instructional league debut on the FIRST PITCH HE SAW.

Crushed it. Tim Tebow aka Tebowmania muscled that ball out of the park. Yes, it was in the made-up instructional league that 20 fans witnessed. I don’t care whatsoever. A home run is a home run no matter how you do it. If it were so easy, everyone would do it.

Credit: NYDailyNews
Credit: NYDailyNews

I have been and will always be a Tim Tebow guy. The fact that he did not get a second chance to start in the NFL is baffling. I don’t care if the man struggled to throw the ball in the NFL. I don’t care if he had a slow throwing motion. There’s no way a playoff game winning quarterback should be run out of the league. Sure, he was not a good QB. I know that. I’m not defending him in that aspect. However, there is absolutely no way in hell that the last game he started was that playoff win. That is a travesty.

I understand the guy could’ve changed positions, but he was stubborn so that’s on him. I understand that he was a nightmare in terms of the media circus that came with him. I understand that Skip Bayless shoved the Tebow love down our throats. But think about how many teams needed quarterbacks a few years back. Titans, Jaguars, Jets, Bucs, Browns. HE COULDN’T EVEN GET A START WITH THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. That’s just disrespectful. Rex Ryan would not even give him a starting shot. He let Greg McElroy start over Tebow (Tim had some rib issues, but you don’t need to know that), a guy who ran TEN YARDS past the line of scrimmage to throw the ball.

Is it a long shot for Tebow to make the majors? Of course it is. Almost impossible. He probably won’t make it. From the looks of it, he struggles in the field and we don’t know if he can hit a curveball. Oh well, that doesn’t mean I won’t root for the guy. The media tried to take that fun away by putting a Tebow segment on TV every 5 seconds. I get it. People got sick of him. Personally, I don’t bet against God’s children so you can do whatever you want.

It’s fun to root  for Tim Tebow. He’s as polarizing as Lebron James. Some want him to succeed while others enjoy watching him fail. The fact is you’re going to watch him. People will buy his jersey. The media circus will come back if he continues to succeed. I can’t wait.

It’s Tebow Time. See you in the majors, Tim.

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