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Upon Further Review, We Are Your Friends Is Actually A Good Movie

Best Picture 2015

Credit: We Are Your Friends
Credit: We Are Your Friends

WARNING: There are some spoilers, but if you haven’t seen this movie, I’m not sure we can be friends.

The DJ movie starring Zac Efron. You know, the one that was absolutely trashed by critics and had one of the worst opening weekends of all-time? That one. Well I was one of the few people who saw it and brought LordTree along for the ride. First viewing = hated it. I did not like it whatsoever. I think I was more disappointed because it was a cool and relevant idea that fell flat, especially with how EDM and House music have gone main stream the past couple of years. The cast of characters were there. Zac Efron and Em Rata as the leads? My god that’s a good looking couple.

Credit: Mirro.co
Credit: Mirro.co

Side note: It is an absolute crime that Zac Efron is not a bigger star. Huge crime. First of all, he’s a good looking dude. That’s more than half the battle right there. Plus, he actually has talent.He found a successful niche in Rom Coms / Comedies. Neighbors was hysterical and That Awkward Moment is a classic. It’s a shame that he’s not a huge “bankable star” right now. Next year, he’s in Baywatch with none other than Hollywood’s highest paying actor, Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Here’s to hoping The Rock takes Zac under his wing and makes him a staple in Hollywood for years to come.

Back to the movie. It had so much potential! I just needed more music and less cliche story lines (why did Squirrel die? Still have no idea why.). I don’t remember exactly what I gave it, but my guess is a 4.

Just recently, I started to think about the movie because it’s on HBO now and I was talking with LTS and boy, have I done a total 180.

I like We Are Your Friends.

Shout out to Jon Sap for finding that tweet.

Truest statement you’ll read all day. It’s a funny movie! It’s ridiculous. It makes you say “did that really just happen?” I’ve only seen the movie twice and I can still remember the scene about BPMs. GET IT TO 128, COLE!

The biggest mistake this movie made was trying to be a drama. This is NOT A DRAMA. It should not have been so serious towards the end. I mean *spoiler alert* Squirrel died. Why? They had a kick ass party the night before after they purchased a house. No reason to kill off one of the boys just so the other friends could “find themselves.” Save the death for the dramas. Bring the laughs for a comedy. Get lost with that serious crap. I don’t need tears. I need more parties and more music so I get jealous of life as a DJ. I want to laugh at all of the stupid stuff they do when they’re drunk.

Give Me More Comedy. Give Me More Efron and Em Rata. Give Me Less Drama. Bring Back Squirrel.

We Are Your Friends as a comedy – 11/10.


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