Remembering Shawty Lo’s Biggest Hit: The ‘Dey Know’ Remix

Big ups to all my haters! #RIPShawtyLo


Shawty Lo and the big cats! I can still here the Atlanta rapper’s voice starting off one the epic Dirty South Remix to his 2007 hit “Dey Know”. The tune will forever be one of the anthems in my life, featuring superstars like Ludacris, Plies, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne in his prime!

It’s crazy, I was just listening to the track a couple weeks ago with my boy Fiz (Dicky) who showed me the song back in the day. God am I getting old. A true blast from the past, the track takes me back to 2008, my freshman year in high school, when I was running shit. You know being a badass in school. A great time in life and in rap, I guess you could say it’s during what I consider my own hip-hop golden age.

Everyone absolutely killed their verse on this track, with its catch beat. This was one of the first tracks I heard Weezy use auto-tune on and he made it work. When I think of vintage Wayne, I will always recall this verse, a classic feature of his during the midst of his run as the king of hip-hop.

The “Laffy Taffy” artist was taken from us way too early at the age of 40 early this morning (Sept 21) in a single car accident in Atlanta. He leaves behind 11 children. Today, (Sept 21) I bumped the track on repeat in his honor. Big ups to all my haters!

R.I.P. Shawty Lo. Our thoughts and prayers are with his children, family and friends.

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