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If You’re Missing Out On The Saint Pablo Tour You’re F*cking Up

Confirmed: Lituation.


“This is an extremely good year to be a Kanye West fan, if I do say so myself.” Kanye preached to a sold out Madison Square Garden, in New York City for the second night of his “Saint Pablo Tour” NY stint. This was my second time seeing Kanye West in concert after being in awe of the “Yeezus Tour.” Even three years later, I only wondered what ‘Ye would follow that cinematic masterpiece up with. I also was fortunate enough to attend the Yeezy Season 3 show at The Garden as well, where he premiered The Life Of Pablo. The anticipation of the concert had a very similar feeling as a got to my seat, as everyone in the sold-out building knew something great was on the verge of happening.

Yeezy delivered, performing over 30 bangers from his diverse catalogue for nearly 90 minutes. The scene was something I had never witnessed before in an arena, a complete lituation. MSG was shaking at times throughout “Touch The Sky,” “Freestyle 4” and “Waves” as the crowd was sent into multiple frenzies feeding off the non-stop energy of the general admission mosh-pit. Sonically, the production was on point, you could hear the crisp sounds bouncing off all areas of the arena.


Kanye floated from a hanging stage that ranged from side to side to give everyone a better view, performing track after track by himself, no ranting, just the greatest artist of my generation and over 20,000 of his fans in one place.

The Chicago rapper turned up as he felt that same energy, strapped in to the stage, with an intricate lighting system behind that must’ve taken months and a lot of resources to pull off. I got the feeling that Kanye knows he won, this tour is a vindication of the battles he has been fighting since his ranting days during the Yeezus era. The tour is essentially a victory lap commemorating his recent accomplishments.


The wiring was so tedious it made me appreciate the process into what makes this spectacle all possible. Even with the spike in ticket prices, you did not feel shorted leaving the world’s most famous arena.

It was a record setting night at Madison Square Garden, as Kanye sold the most tickets for any event in MSG history last night (Sept 6) and broke the Pope’s record for merch sales in a night, selling over an estimated $780,000 worth of merchandise during the September 5th show.


As far as merch went, my friend and I arrived to the venue around 5:30 P.M. yesterday (Sept 6). MSG already had a few booths open in the lobby before you would have your ticket scanned, so this was essentially open to the public. After the Season 3 debacle, MSG was on their sh*t with an assembly-line type work ethic getting people in and out efficiently. We waited for about 15-20 minutes before getting a couple items each. When we came back to enter the arena shortly after 7 P.M. the place was swamped and merch lines had to be over an hour at that point. At that moment I knew we timed it up perfectly.

The celebrities were out in full force as a star studded lineup graced MSG with their presence. Kim, Kylie (Tyga) and Kendall all showed love for the Tuesday show and even made their way down to the pit. My boy Lord Disick even got a shoutout in the crowd along with Beyonce and Jay-Z and many more. Best of all, my future girlfriend (but she doesn’t know it yet) was in the house, Emily Ratajkowski.



Don’t make the mistake of missing out on seeing a Kanye West concert, it is really a life changing event. I don’t know how many tours the 39-year-old has left, so take advantage of the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.

Thank you Kanye.

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