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How Did This Kid Make This Shot?




The viral video of the day. An Ohio State student made this shot to get his whole class a 100 on their first organic chemistry quiz. The kid threw an absolute LAZER to the trash can and the class went nuts. Rightfully so though because although I never took Orgo, it sounds difficult…Yeah, it’s definitely tough.

All I can say is “how?” How is this even possible? We’re talking about a paper basketball, not a real one. I’m baffled as to how it went across the whole room with so much power and force. What’s his secret? Wet his fingers or crumpled it up a bit more? It makes absolutely no sense that this shot went it. You could give me 100 tries and I bet I come close on maybe 5 of them. That’s a huge maybe. Sign this kid up. This kid should never buy a drink for the rest of his life.

The best part of this story is how the girl thought the shooter’s name was Benny. Turns out his name was Vinny. Classic, classic mixup.

Credit: Imgflip
Credit: Imgflip

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