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Diaz vs. McGregor 2 – Who Ya Got?

Nate v. Notorious

Credit: Sportsonearth

The match everyone and there mother has been waiting for. Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor at UFC 202 Saturday night. At first, this fight seemed to lack some juice because it just seemed like a traditional rematch. Diaz got some more attention because he won and McGregor went back to the drawing board and has now had a full camp to prepare. Pretty standard stuff for a rematch.

Well, this happened at the press conference.


These guys are ready for WAR. Now a lot of this might be for show, but I actually don’t think the two like each other. Diaz swore he would bring a huge camp to show McGregor. As you can guess, Conor Mac was not impressed. A few water bottle throws later, and we have ourselves a main event.

Side note: I wish I could talk trash in an Irish accent. It just sounds a lot scarier. When Conor dropped his, “Not one of youz will do nothing. GET DA FUCK OUT,” I had to step away from the computer because it was that intense.

Here is my amateur, amateur, and I mean amateur, two paragraph breakdown of this fight.

Credit: Lowkickmma

I love McGregor to death, but it is going to be hard to knock out Diaz especially in the 2nd round like he’s predicting. Yes, I understand Conor Mac went to town on Nate’s face last time, but he wore down because Nate simply doesn’t go down. If I were to get 200 free shots on Nate Diaz, there is absolutely no shot that this guy goes down. He is a nutso but that’s the kind of mentality you need in the octagon.

Credit: Irishmirror

I think Nate is going to try and do the same thing he did last time. Take a lot of punches, survive Conor’s initial flurry, and attack when McGregor wears down. It’s also going to be tough to get Diaz to the ground because of Nate’s size advantage. The only thing is Conor has now had a full camp to build up his stamina for a guy that won’t go down. In the end, I don’t think Conor wears down. This fight will go the distance with Conor McGregor getting the victory.

See you soon, Jose.

Credit: Dailymail

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