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Are You Rooting For This Guy to Fall?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Credit: SputnikNews

PR 101: America┬ástops to watch the Summer Olympics for two weeks every four years. Steal the spotlight by doing something that mentions Donald Trump. Ding, we’ve got a winner!

So some psycho has decided to climb Trump Tower with suction cups. Wait what? Suction cups? I thought that was not a thing unless you are Tom Cruise.

Credit: Linkedin

People are still trying to find out why the dude is climbing the tower, but initial reports say the guys is Pro Trump and simply wants to have a conversation with Trump. I would’ve bet millions of dollars that this guy was Pro Hillary so that might be the strangest thing out of all of this. Apparently, his name is Steve and posted this video yesterday saying he was going to do it.

With all that being said, I ask a simple question: Are you rooting for this guy to fall?

My answer: YES. If you’re stupid enough to climb a tower via suction cups, then you deserve to fall if you slip. You want to a be hot shot? Fine. You want to be an idiot? ok. Deal with the consequences if you mess up. Think about it. This guy has been climbing for about 3 hours. Imagine if he slips up and falls? This would be talked about forever. It would be a “where were you” type of moment. Now before you say I don’t have a soul, I’m not saying the guy has to die. I’m pretty sure they set up a landing area if this guy falls so he should survive this. I honestly think it would be a good PR move for him to fall. I bet he gets his convo with Donald Trump if he falls because The Don would feel bad for him. Climbed all that way only to fall to his (nonexistent) death.

UPDATE: THE CLIMBER WAS CAUGHT BY THE POLICE AND I AM PISSED. Really guys? Let the guy climb! Worst case scenario right here. If he made it to the top, then the guy succeeded in his climb and got to make his statement. If he falls, then he falls. If you’re stupid enough to climb a tower, then you have to face the consequences if you mess up. Why should the cops risk their lives in order to save an idiot who clearly does not want to be caught? Easy answer: They shouldn’t! We missed out on a great television moment even though I just spent the last two hours watching his climb. 1-0, Climber.

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