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I Can’t Stop Laughing at Jeremy Lin’s Hair

Linsanity strikes again



Just when you thought Jeremy Lin’s hair could not get any dumber, he pulls a stunt like this, and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF.

The real question: Is Jeremy Lin just trolling us at this point? I mean the guy had an unbelievable streak with the Knicks during the height of #Linsanity and has made an unbelievable (unbelievable in the fact that it’s J Lin) $28 million on the court in his career. Talk about taking the most of his opportunities. This dude was going to ride the bench for the rest of his Knicks career if it weren’t for Mike D’Antoni, who made a desperation attempt in order to save his job (still got fired. Classic), and played Lin against the Nets. The rest was history.

Seriously, J Lin has to be trolling us.

CREDIT: Usaftw
CREDIT: Usaftw
Credit: Interbasket

It’s sad to say that Linsanity was one of the happiest times of my life. The Knicks were on an upswing and Jeremy Fucking Lin was the savior. I wanted the Knicks to sign Lin instead of letting him walk. I said they needed a PG and Lin still had not entered his prime. And then a boulder hit me over the head and woke me up from my dream #DerrickRosanity

Fun fact: Linsanity was 7-0 in his first 7 games with major playing time. The next game against the Hornets: They Lost. AND THIS GUY WAS THERE FTW.

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