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I am ALL IN on Pokemon Go

I want to be...The very best

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Pokemon Go is sweeping the world and I for one, LOVE IT. Let me start out by saying this. I was not the biggest Pokemon guy for Gameboy as a child. Weird, right? I was more of a Super Mario Brothers and Spiderman type of guy. That being said, I still had the gameboy game #FireRed. I played so I wouldn’t be left out basically. Young Dan, always thinking about his social status in elementary school. It was a fun game, but I would take Super Mario Brothers Anything over Pokemon for Gameboy.

However, Pokemon the show was DECE. Such an important part of my childhood. Coming home after school / Saturday mornings was filled with Pokemon greatness. How will Ash become a Pokemon Champion? Will Charmeleon stop being an asshole? Will Ash beat Dragonite? Will Brock ever get eyes?

When this song came on, you know it was going to be a good day. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL.

Back to Pokemon Go. At first, I was skeptical. You have to move around in order to catch Pokemon and collect Pokeballs and special items. Wasn’t Pokemon created so you can sit on your butt, catch and fight Pokemon, and be a lazy POS for the day? But people were saying the hype is real so I downloaded it on Sunday night. 75 Pokemon later and the hype is still real.

The thrill of the hunt. I feel like I’m in the Most Dangerous Game. How far is that Snorlax? How many Eeeve candy do I need to evolve into a Flareon? The thrill of throwing a Pokeball and wondering if you will catch it or not. Should I throw a curveball? Should I use a berry? My god this game is exhilarating.

I totally understand that I sound like such a huge loser and nerd. Well you know what, screw it. I’ll party with the nerds of Pokemon any day of the week. It all comes back to something I always talk about, the nostalgia factor. I went Pokemon hunting last night. The local track by me is home to a lot of poke stops. There were over 30 people there at 11:30 PM. THIRTY PEOPLE. If you think that’s crazy, at the waterfront in the town over from me, there were over 150 people in the early evening. I can’t even imagine what Central Park is like.

Oh wait. I can. #HerdsofNerds

This is insane. I think it will die down in about 2 weeks. But for now, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL.

P.S. I caught a Pikachu last night. I would show you proof, but the servers are down. Classic mixup.

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