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‘Power’ Returns This Sunday For Season 3

Power on Starz is back for a third season this Sunday (July 17th) in prime-time at 9 P.M. EST.


With Game of Thrones done for the year and we get into the dog days of summer between the end of the NBA season and the beginning of football, most people are looking for something fresh for entertainment. Here it is, the 50 cent executive produced show on Starz, Power, which returns this Sunday July 17th with an all new time slot of 9 P.M. to kick off season 3.

Power is the most watched show on Starz, and set a record for viewers with the season 2 premiere last year. Each season contains 10 one hour long episodes, so if you haven’t watched yet, you’re not too far behind to catch up for Sunday.


The show is written by Courtney Kemp Agboh, and takes you inside the life of Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) who lives a double life as a kingpin drug dealer on one side, and on the other he is the owner of a ritzy club called “Truth”. He uses the club to essentially clean his dirty drug money.

Credit: Starz

50 cent plays a role in the show as “Kanan”. He was Jamie’s former boss and mentor in the drug game, showing him the ropes growing up. Kanan begins the show in prison for drug charges, but still makes things happen on the outside with his strong ties to the hood.

The show is tough to predict and has you on edge throughout the season with ruthless twists and turns. The soundtrack is dope as well, doing a great job of accompanying the tone of each episode. I have a few of the tracks including the theme song on my iTunes.

To catch up you can watch episodes online with Starz Play if you are a subscriber, or Starz On-Demand with cable television. I’m pumped to get “Power” back in my life with the way season 2 ended, season 3 is sure to entertain.

See you Sunday Ghost. Check out the trailer for the upcoming season below.

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