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Knicks Introduce Newcomers With Press Conference Today

Here's everything you need to know from today's press conference.

Credit: Twitter @NyKnicks

The New York Knicks introduced two new members to the starting lineup known as the “Jackson 5” and a key cog reserve Friday afternoon (July 8) to a crowd of journalists at their practice facility in Greenburgh, New York. The presser also aired to fans in the tri-state area on MSG.

It began with Phil Jackson, general manager Steve Mills, and head coach Steve Hornacek side by side fielding questions from the media. The Zen-Master spoke about always having a fascination for what Joakim Noah brings to a team on and off the floor saying “Joakim Noah has been on my list for a long time.” Noah even spent a few days with Phil up at his ranch in Montana a few years back, I can only imagine what went on over there.

Jackson said he went to Melo after the season and asked “Are we moving quick enough for you?” and with Melo’s closing window of his prime, the Knicks decided to go all-in on veteran free agents.

Phil said he’s confident that these players will stay healthy this year because they are all relatively young, especially Rose and Jennings.

Joakim Noah:

Credit: Twitter @NyKnicks





Courtney Lee:

Credit: Twitter @NyKnicks

The 30-year-old talked about how Joakim started recruiting him pretty much before free agency even began. Also said he loved Game Of Thrones, so Courtney obviously knows what’s good. Asked Phil about the triangle offense during their meeting, Jackson says Hornacek will have free reign of the offense, with the triangle as the base.

“I’d rather go to war w guys who are hungry, have something to prove and have a chip on their shoulder than guys who don’t have something to prove.” – Courtney Lee


Brandon Jennings: 

Credit: @NyKnicks Twitter

Looks to be embracing his role off the bench, Phil told him to go out and win 6th man of the year.




It’s going to be a fun year of basketball in the big apple, and I can’t wait for October to get here.

Credit: Twitter @BillyDaKid732

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