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Greatest Hits is a Show I Can Get Behind


As great as the summer is, it’s not that great when it comes to television. Fall and Spring shows go on hiatus and I find myself channel surfing into oblivion. I was lucky to scroll onto ABC and a show called “Greatest Hits” was on. At first, I thought it was just a lame idea to get old stars a paycheck.

It turns out that this show is FIRE. What a steal. Yes, old stars do need that paycheck, but the songs they are playing are awesome and entertaining. It’s a cool concept. Mix old stars with new and play the classics for a certain time period. What’s not to like?

This week’s episode had two of the biggest fire jams in the late 90s.

First, there was Backstreet Boys and Meghan Trainor with “I Want It That Way.”

The Backstreet Boys are somehow still together after all of these years so credit to them. I’d say I’m a BSB > N’sync kind’ve guy. I Want It That Way, Everybody, Incomplete, Larger Than Life. Gimme those 4 songs and I’ll tear the roof off of a party.

If you didn’t have this album, then you weren’t cool.


However, the song that stole the show was Hanson with an accoustic version of “MMMBop.”

I’ve listened to this song close to 10 times today and it gets better every time. Just when you think Hanson is a thing of the past, they come back with a 95 mph fastball and tell everyone to respect their elders. If I’m Hanson, I throw this version back on the charts and see where it ends up. If it was up to me, it goes Top 10 EASILY.

Have a good weekend.

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