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The Project X Soundtrack is One of The Best Soundtracks of All Time

I typically spend my Wednesday nights watching MTV The Challenge at 10 PM. It’s arguably the best show on MTV. The Challenge will always have a special place in my heart. Before 10, I usually spend aimless hours channeling surfing, hoping to find something that catches my interest before I die of boredom.

So I was pumped to find out that MTV was giving us an appetizer of Project X before The Challenge. Awesome, awesome move on MTV’s part because I love everything about Project X. This movie should not have worked. “A bunch of nerds decide to throw a party and tape the whole experience.” If I were to see that preview now, I probably wouldn’t be sold and I for sure would not spend money on a ticket.

That being said, Project X rules. It simply rules. Killer characters. Beautiful women. The nostalgia factor of partying in high school. So many one liners. My personal favorite is “The only thing you’re working on is diabetes.” Such a low blow by Costa to JB, but hilarious.

But the real star of the movie is the music. Fire flames to the tenth power. Jam after Jam. The perfect mix of rap and electronic music (Click here to listen to all of the songs from the movie.). Pusha T, Tyler the Creator, Nas, Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Unbelievable. Here’s my Top 5.

5. Tipsy (Club Mix) – J-Kwon

Listening to Tipsy in 5th grade? Yeah, I was a badass.

4. Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki Remix)

Some might argue this is the best song from the movie. I can respect that. Still brings people to the dance floor.

3. White Trash Party – Eminem 

An under-the-radar song from Eminem and it definitely gets forgotten during Project X.

2. Trouble On My Mind – Pusha T feat. Tyler, the Creator

What a banger. You better believe I bump this song while driving my baby blue Volkswagen convertible buggy.

1. Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The GOAT. So catchy. So fire. So good.


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